About MOI


Based in Denver, Colorado; Ministry of Imagery is a department for digital depictions. We work in the film, television, documentary and photography industries ourselves and use MOI as an outlet to express our passion for both the technology and techniques of image making.

All of the art found on our platforms are made by humans, we are an Artificial Intelligence (AI) free brand that believes the fulfillment achieved thru the creation of visual art is one of the foundations for human happiness.

Why Do We Do It?

Making images with cameras is one of the most rewarding feelings in life. Fascination with the technologies we use to do a job can be just as interesting as the work itself, especially as equipment advancements are made. For lack of a better term let's call you and us film and photo "techies." 

Getting to experiment with the highest end technology is not the only benefit of being interested in this space though, we also get to meet people and see places that we otherwise wouldn’t, sharing jokes and memories that unite us.


The Products

We create a mixture of product styles, some focused on function, others focused on fun. When it comes to data visualization, some of our products, like our ProRes Codec Chart, are depictions of existing information from tech sheets or white papers created with better aesthetics and legibility than they existed in their previous forms. Other products may be aggregates of existing information imported from multiple sources, appearing in one place for the first time via MOI. 

Some of other products center around celebrating the technology and culture of film production and photography. This can lead to some added benefits of camaraderie with strangers in the wild. It’s always fun to get into a passionate discussion about how much better an SDI cable connection performs on a live set than an HDMI with someone who saw your shirt at the airport.

The Difference

We pride ourselves on creating products that strike a balance between quality and price. Too often in the modern internet landscape products are marketed in niche communities made quickly and cheaply only to get the sale. This is especially rampant in the apparel space, where initial excitement about an order is ultimately ruined when the product arrives. Lots of web based apparel is printed cheaply, fits poorly or lasts much shorter than more established clothing brands. 

We don’t make the most affordable OR the most expensive products, but we provide products that we believe will make fellow creatives happy, whether you are buying as a gift or for yourself. If you are unsatisfied with any of your MOI items in any way, please do reach out to us so we can discuss further.